How real estate agents are using tech to line-up sales – Southlands Sun

The lockdown has placed immense pressure on the real estate industry to innovate and find new ways to sell homes without meeting face-to-face. Though challenging, real estate agents are still finding digital ways to line up deals from home that can be finalised when the lockdown is lifted.

“We have found that our agents are using all sorts of innovative ways to try and show homes virtually. There have been a few success stories over this time, with a few sales that will go ahead thanks to virtual show homes and other forms of digital advertising. But, having said that, this use of technology has been very much the exception rather than the norm. It certainly does help to showcase a home and garner interest, but most buyers want to experience a home with all their senses rather than just having a visual experience of the home before they make such a big financial commitment,” explains regional director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, Adrian Goslett.

While successfully completing a sale via purely digital means may be occasional and rare, agents are still able to use technology to build relationships with clients and line-up potential buyers who might make an offer after seeing the home once lockdown is lifted. Because of this, RE/MAX Global has successfully negotiated special packages for all RE/MAX affiliates across the globe. “The agreement with Zoom makes it possible for us to provide an enhanced version of their off-the-shelf products to all our agents so

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