Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Report Income of at Least $36 Million in 2019 – The New York Times

Three years into their new careers as White House officials, Ivanka Trump, the president’s eldest daughter, and her husband, Jared Kushner, reported income of at least $36 million in 2019, according to financial disclosure reports made public on Friday.

The couple’s investments, mostly in real estate, were worth at least $204 million and as much as $783 million, roughly the same as their maximum value of $786 million in 2018.

The documents, like other federal disclosure reports, show ranges of income and asset values. In some cases, they require only a minimum figure, making it impossible to discern a precise maximum figure for income. (President Trump also released his annual financial disclosure report on Friday.)

During 2019, the couple’s income could have been as much as $157 million, and possibly more. That compares with a range in 2018 of $29 million to $135 million.

Mr. Kushner’s continued stake in his family real estate firm, Kushner Companies, has drawn criticism, as the company has sought investments from around the world, despite his government position, including his role as an unofficial diplomat in the Middle East.

Although he has shed some assets, he has retained the vast majority of properties that were in his portfolio when he entered government service. Mr. Kushner stepped down from his position with Kushner Companies before he started working in the government.

Mr. Kushner’s firm

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