The Architectural Scene Re-Opens | Impacts & Opportunities – DESIGNME

Image: KAPSARC – King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center

Highlights of the 2nd Executive leaders virtual roundtable by TRILUX Group in collaboration with Light Bureau organised with a focus on The Architectural Scene Re-Opens | Impacts & Opportunities

The outbreak of COVID-19 across the world has changed our lives forever— from the point of view of health, our mindset, way of working, way of living, respect for nature, and more. With a majority of the population working from home, this has given a new direction to our lives and the end-user is asking is curious to know designers, architects, and other industry experts can shape the world in a better way, which is reliable, flexible, functional, and above all sustainable.

This roundtable exactly discussed the above valid points and more. The objective was to have like-minded firms and institutions mutually inspire each other, exchange and discuss experiences, knowledge, and views on the Architectural Scenes as markets re-open after the shutdowns in many countries all over the world, looking at impacts & opportunities!

We need a design overhaul which features key elements from structure, design, materials, to lighting and producing locally. Industry leaders from all walks of lives participated in the roundtable and the diversity of this panel had an amazing mix of expertise in lighting design, architecture, urban planning, global end-user touching retail, logistics and offices,

Author: Global Real Estate