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A Chicago-based real estate brokerage has severed ties with one of its agents after she took part in Wednesday riot at the U.S. Capitol

The brokerage, @properties, said it took action against Libby Andrews (pictured) after she posted on social media about her presence at the riot on Wednesday. Andrews later said she did not take part in any violence, but admitted to being part of the mob that later overran the Capitol building. However, she said she remained outside and was not part of the group that forced their way inside.

“I went there to support my president,” Andrews told Crain’s Chicago Business. “I never saw anything destructive taking place.” Andrews said the group she was with was singing the national anthem and Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” and she didn’t even know there was a breach of the Capitol until later that evening after she left.

But @properties justified its decision to take action, saying it had received “tremendous outreach” from the public making it aware of Andrews’ actions. It said it “unequivocally condemns these actions, and the company has severed ties with this agent, effective immediately.”

Andrews, who worked part-time with @properties for around three years, earlier posted selfies from the Capitol protest on Facebook. She insisted she did not participate in any illegal or destructive activity. Another Chicago brokerage, presumably one that supports President Trump, has since

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